News 12 May 2020

Rafa Nadal with HELIOCARE: “Give your all for what matters never to the sun”

• The Spanish tennis ace is the face of the “Give Your All for What Matters never to the Sun”...
Sponsorships 22 May 2019

Rafa Nadal and Heliocare, medical science and technology applied to skin protection

Cantabria Labs has signed an agreement with the Majorcan athlete Rafa Nadal whereby the tennis player will help promote HELIOCARE’S expert advice and proposals...
Sponsorships 7 May 2018

Cantabria Labs is sponsoring “The Beautiful Brain” exhibition with works by Santiago Ramon y Cajal at the MIT

With the sponsorship of Cantabria Labs, the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Museum is hosting “The Beautiful Brain”, the largest international exhibition...
Sponsorships 28 Aug 2017

IFC to promote and sponsor MIT programmes in biomedical innovation

Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have signed an agreement through which the laboratory will promote and sponsor...