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Cantabria Labs . 19/07/2019

Cantabria Labs - Annual Report 2018

Our 2018 Annual Report is now available, documenting the work, activities and dedication of the Cantabria Labs team.

Rafa Nadal and Heliocare, medical science and technology applied to skin protection

Cantabria Labs . 22/05/2019

Rafa Nadal and Heliocare, medical science and technology applied to skin protection

Cantabria Labs will have Rafael Nadal helping to raise awareness of the importance of good sun protection and healthy sun exposure lifestyle.

Cantabria Labs acquires ACM and enters the French market

Cantabria Labs . 26/02/2019

Cantabria Labs acquires ACM and enters the French market

During an information session held in Madrid, new CEO and Managing Director of Cantabria Labs, Susana Rodríguez, announced that the company would be entering the French market following the acquisition of a majority stake in ACM, the pharmaceutical laboratory specialising in dermatology.

Endocare: 20 years of dermal innovation

Cantabria Labs . 24/01/2019

Endocare: 20 years of dermal innovation

A day like today, 20 years ago, saw the founding of a product range destined to become a breakthrough in dermal and cosmeceutical regeneration in the fight against aging. Its launch was a watershed in helping people look younger and healthier.

Cantabria Labs Signs an Agreement with Stangest to Enter the Veterinary Market

Cantabria Labs . 18/12/2018

Cantabria Labs Signs an Agreement with Stangest to Enter the Veterinary Market

Cantabria Labs, an international Spanish healthcare laboratory leader in dermatology, and Stangest S.L., a company with more than 20 years' experience in the manufacture and distribution of veterinary products for pets, have recently signed an important agreement in which the Cantabrian company will enter as shareholder in the ownership of the veterinary lab.


Cantabria Labs . 14/11/2018

Cantabria Labs awarded Entrepreneurial Excellence in Internationalisation

Today Cantabria Labs received an award for entrepreneurial excellence in internationalisation from Miguel Angel Belloso, Director of the leading Spanish business magazine Actualidad Económica.


Cantabria Labs . 19/10/2018

Fernblock® for the prevention of skin damage caused by visible light and infrared radiation

The harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays on the skin are well known, but increasing knowledge is emerging regarding the role of visible light and infrared radiation on skin aging, hyperpigmentation and sun allergies.


Cantabria Labs . 10/09/2018

27th EADV Congress - 12-16 September 2018 Paris, France

Cantabria Labs will attend the 27 th EADV Congress, next 12-16 September in Paris. Come and visit our stand nº 157 located at level 1 (Ternes). DISCOVER OUR NEW PRODUCTS!

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Cantabria Labs . 24/07/2018

Neoretin Discrom Control: Depigmenting protocol of proven efficacy for all skin types and ethnicities by Cantabria Labs

The Journal of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology recently published an article which highlights how Neoretin Discrom Control helps to reduce melasma by over 60% , further to analysis of the results of three independent studies on 140 people from three ethnic groups.


Cantabria Labs . 20/07/2018

Fernblock®, the main ingredient of Heliocare Oral, demonstrates its effectiveness against melasma

A new study has shown that Fernblock®, the main ingredient of Heliocare Oral and unique technology of Cantabria Labs, improves the results of treatment of melasma by accelerating and optimising its effects as published in the American Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.


Cantabria Labs . 03/07/2018

Susana Rodríguez, new CEO of Cantabria Labs

Susana Rodríguez Navarro has been appointed as CEO and Managing Director of the Spanish pharmaceutical company Cantabria Labs. The CEO until now, Juan Matji de Arroquia, now presides as Chairman over the Board of Directors.


Cantabria Labs . 25/06/2018

Cantabria Labs - Annual Report 2017

Our 2017 Annual Report is now available, documenting the work, activities and dedication of the Cantabria Labs team.


Cantabria Labs . 07/05/2018

Cantabria Labs is sponsoring “The Beautiful Brain” exhibition with works by Santiago Ramon y Cajal at the MIT

With the sponsorship of Cantabria Labs, the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Museum is hosting “The Beautiful Brain”, the largest international exhibition to feature the work of Spanish neuroscientist and Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine Santiago Ramon y Cajal focusing on the brain and brain cells. It will be open to the public at the university campus from 3 May - 31 December 2018, after which it will tour several other North American universities for a two year period.


Cantabria Labs . 23/04/2018

Cantabria will attend the XXXVI RADLA

Cantabria Labs will attend the Reunión Anual de Dermatólogos Latinoamericanos - RADLA 2018 next 28 April- 1 May, 2018 in Cancun, Mexico. Stand nº33 See you soon!
Scientific Poster: presenting the results of a recent trial conducted with Neoretin Rejuvemax in antiaging and protection against skin damage from pollution and other environmental stress factors!

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Cantabria Labs at the AAD

Cantabria Labs . 05/03/2018

A new study to test the efficacy of Endocare C Proteoglycans Oil-Free vials of Cantabria Labs

A new study published on January 16 in the Journal of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology demonstrated the efficacy of Endocare C Proteoglycans Oil-Free vials of Cantabria Labs in reducing the visible signs of skin ageing and increasing luminosity.

Cantabria Labs at the AAD

Cantabria Labs . 17/02/2018

Cantabria Labs at the Annual Meeting of the AAD

Cantabria Labs participated with a stand and scientific posters at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) held this year in San Diego.

More that 19.000 doctors attended from around the world.

Cantabria Labs

Cantabria Labs . 16/01/2018

Cantabria Labs, the natural evolution of IFC

As of today, Cantabria Labs is the new corporate brand name which will represent IFC, Industrial Farmaceutica Cantabria. It symbolises the pharmaceutical company’s internationalisation, and evolution and growth, renewing its focus on people, optimism, health and science, values which set it apart and embody its caring, entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.
The new brand will unify the names of its subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, China and Morocco, and Medical Nutrition, and incorporate a new brandline “Celebrate life” to represent its youthful, restless and non-conformist nature with the ultimate aim being of course to contribute to the health of individuals.


IFC . 21/12/2017

IFC awards pioneering research in the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at the “IDEA² Global Awards” of MIT

Within the framework of the 2nd edition of the “IDEA2 Global Awards” given by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the “Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria Award” was presented to the research team of the Hospital Regional Universitario de Málaga and its iSOL project, pioneering work in the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Pilar Matji, on behalf of the Spanish laboratory Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria (IFC), presented the award for this work for “its great potential in changing the people’s lives”.

The awarded Project involves the clinical implementation of a tool to detect a serum biomarker that helps in the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and proposes the use a recombinant protein (rh-iSOL) as potential treatment for this disease.


IFC . 02/10/2017

The planting of two trees marks the start of construction of the new Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria centre

Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria (IFC) starts construction in La Concha, in the municipal area of Villaescusa (Cantabria), of its new centre for sustainable production, investigation and innovation with a symbolic act of eco-sustainability that involved planting a yew tree and a strawberry tree.

The facilities shall occupy a total surface area of around 9,000 square meters, which apart from the production plant shall house an experimental centre for specialised medicinal plant extraction. The thermal spring on the property will allow the centre to boast the highest efficiency levels. Its thermal properties will help to heat the boilers and the centre itself, making it environmentally-friendly.


IFC . 02/10/2017

Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria opens a new subsidiary in China

Within the framework of its sustained, entrepreneurial, internationalisation process, Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria (IFC) is set to arrive in China after signing strategic commercial agreement with local partners. From February 2018, IFC market the brands Endocare and Heliocare in China, with a forecasted turnover of 8 million euros in the 2018 for this market.

With this joint venture, Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria – which already marketed Endocare products in China – consolidates its ambitious international expansion plan in a strategic market. The company, 100% Spanish-owned, already has five other subsidiaries abroad (Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Germany and Mexico) and, in the last five years, it has opened markets in 20 countries, including Russia, Japan, Qatar and China. In total, between its subsidiaries and alliances with local distributors, IFC has presence in over 80 countries.


IFC . 28/08/2017

New scientific endorsement for IFC®CAF, technology based on mollusk eggs rich in growth factors

A new article in the prestigious “American Journal of Drugs in Dermatology” highlights the efficacy of IFC®CAF technology, developed and patented by Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria in reducing the signs of aging, through a study led by Zoe Diana Draelos (1).

IFC®CAF is a cosmetic ingredient rich in growth factors of stem cell activation. Obtained from mollusk eggs at the specialist centre of IFC (CellHelix), the active ingredient is processed biotechnologically and its efficacy, which induces cell renewal, now boasts this new clinical and scientific endorsement.

The study was led by the prestigious dermatologist Zoe Diana Draelos and was developed with the collaboration of 40 individuals, with signs of moderate and advanced facial aging.


IFC . 28/08/2017

IFC to promote and sponsor MIT programmes in biomedical innovation

Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have signed an agreement through which the laboratory will promote and sponsor programmes and activities of biomedical innovation of MIT through financial support over the next three years.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is private university located in Cambridge (United States) established in 1861 and a referent in global innovation. The income of companies founded by ex alumni of MIT would rank it as the eleventh largest worldwide economy and of its almost 1,000 members of teaching staff, there are or have been 87 Nobel Prize and 5 Pulitzer Prize winners.


IFC . 02/03/2017

IFC achieves a turnover of 126 million euros in 2016

Sales of IFC Group in 2016 topped 126 million euros, with over 20% growth on the previous year, highlighting the excellent financial health and continued progress of the company.

IFC continues to grow, invest and incorporate important projects into its business, giving added value and contributing to the diversification of the business and specialisation in Healthcare. Our growth, diversification and enterprise also extend beyond our borders, with 55% of business turnover obtained to date outside of Spain, a reflection of the international prestige of the company and great reception of its products in other global markets.


IFC . 14/02/2017

IFC opens a new subsidiary in Mexico to boost its international expansion

The Spanish pharmaceutical company already exports its health and skincare products to over 80 countries

IFC - Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria – takes on a new challenge with the opening of a subsidiary in Mexico as part of its strategy to intensify and boost its international presence, which already forms 65% of its turnover.

IFC Manging Director, Juan Matji, announced that "the opening of IFC Mexico is a true reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit of the company, which sees an opportunity in the Mexican market. We plan to contract 120 individuals over this year with the initial marketing of our brands: Heliocare, Endocare, Biretix and Neoretin".


IFC . 19/07/2016

IFC with the “Solidarity Association with Children of the Moon”

The “Association de solidarité avec les enfants de la lune” (Solidarity Association with Children of the Moon) is a charitable organisation born in the city of Casablanca to support children with Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP).

IFC has reached an agreement to collaborate with this association to help sufferers of this rare condition, which is passed down from parent to child, in which the skin and tissue that covers the eye are extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light.


IFC . 30/06/2016

Heliocare in China

This month, we see the launch of Heliocare on the Chinese market, following in the footsteps of Endocare several months ago. The importance of this growing market and the company’s expansion policy make the release of the IFC sun photoprotection brand in this country necessary.

In 2017, it is expected that Chinese cosmetic retail channels will turn in excess of 113.9 million dollars.


IFC . 11/06/2015

IFC Skincare Maroc, new headquarters in Africa

IFC has disembarked on the African continent with the intention of developing business in this growing market. The headquarters in Casablanca shall manage the portfolio of dermatological and dermocosmetic products of the Neoretin ®, Heliocare ®, Endocare ® and Cicamel ® brands.

With this new creation, IFC extends its geographical limits and reinforces its presence in the international market, reaffirming its endless creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit which on this occasion, has led it to the African continent, an area with significant plans for growth in the forthcoming years.


IFC . 24/07/2015

IFC invests 20 million euros in a new Sustainable Production centre

IFC Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria shall create an ambitious R&D and sustainable production centre in the region to boost the international presence of its cosmetics, medicinal products and nutraceuticals, which are already present in over 80 countries, and to continue towards the discovery of new patents and innovative formulations.


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