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EDAFENCE® - the new Cantabria Labs patented anti-pollution technology - is a standardized extract of Deschampsia antarctica, a plant found in the Antarctic which survives in extreme environmental conditions (sun, temperature, etc.). This exclusive innovation protects against skin damage caused by pollution (tobacco smoke, heavy metals, particulate matter, etc.) and has demonstrated powerful anti aging activity.

Fernblock ®

Fernblock ® is the base active ingredient of our cosmetic sun protection line, Heliocare ®.

It is Polypodium Leucotomos fern extract, the efficacy of which has been proven in numerous scientific journals. Fernblock Technology ® is the only technology in the world that guarantees complete photoprotection. Developed by Cantabria Labs in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, it boasts a unique protection mechanism against the sun both in the short and long-term. Beyond mere protection against sunburn, Fernblock ® offers us four levels of protection that helps prevent photoaging and skin cancer.


SCA ® Biorepair

SCA® Biorepair is the base active ingredient of our antiaging cosmetic line, Endocare ®.

It involves unprecedented technology that is able to reactivate cell regeneration. Obtained from purified secretion of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail, it is a powerful natural source of cutaneous regeneration with antioxidant and reparative properties that has the capacity to provide and restore damaged structural elements and biochemical processes, which are altered as a consequence of skin exposure to external aggression, such as in radiodermititis and skin photoaging due to ultraviolet radiation.

Endocare ® is the only range with SCA® Biorepair Tecnology, designed specifically for the treatment of photoaging and recovery of skin damaged by dermocosmetic techniques.


Retinsphere ®

Retinsphere ® is the base active ingredient of our depigmenting cosmetic range Neoretin ®, also present in our Biretix ® (anti-acne) and in Endocare Cellpro ® / Endocare Cellage ® lines (antiaging).

It involves an innovative combination of retinoids that stimulates epidermal renewal and boosts penetration of the active ingredients. Skin appears smooth with a uniform tone.

Tolerability after testing on Asian and Caucasian subjects was extremely good, without the typical adverse effects of retinoids, such as irritation and inflammation.



IFC®CAF is one of the active ingredients of our antiaging cosmetic line Endocare Cellpro ® / Endocare Cellage ® based on the activation of the Stem Cells in our skin for total cell renewal.

It is a new cosmetic ingredient, developed by Cantabria Labs and rich in Stem Cell growth activators. Obtained from snails reared on a specialist farm (CellHelix ®), where the eggs are harvested and processed biotechnologically, its efficacy as cell renewal agent has been clinically proven.

Wharton Gel Complex ®

Wharton Gel Complex ® is one of the active ingredients of our antiaging cosmetic line Endocare Cellpro ® / Endocare Cellage ®, responsible for creating a suitable environment for new cells.

It contains an exclusive biomaterial with regenerative properties, the composition of which gives the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) that is lost over the years. By acting on the ECM components (collagen, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid, etc.) it achieves a dermal “filler” effect that re-densifies skin and captures growth factors from the cells, essential for tissue repair.

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