Products/Lines 28 Aug 2017

New scientific endorsement for IFC®CAF, technology based on mollusk eggs rich in growth factors

A new article in the prestigious “American Journal of Drugs in Dermatology” highlights the efficacy of IFC®CAF technology, developed and patented by Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria in reducing the signs of aging, through a study led by Zoe Diana Draelos (1).

IFC®CAF is a cosmetic ingredient rich in growth factors of stem cell activation. Obtained from mollusk eggs at the specialist centre of IFC (CellHelix), the active ingredient is processed biotechnologically and its efficacy, which induces cell renewal, now boasts this new clinical and scientific endorsement.

The study was led by the prestigious dermatologist Zoe Diana Draelos and was developed with the collaboration of 40 individuals, with signs of moderate and advanced facial aging.

The anti-aging protocol used by the dermatologist and object of the study involved the application, twice daily, of the Endocare Cellage® cream and eye contour, both with the patented ingredient IFC®CAF.

Three months after starting the treatment, wrinkles of the 40 individuals decreased significantly, smoothness of facial skin increased by 53%, elasticity by 39% and luminosity by 26%.

Thus, the study demonstrates that facial care with the use of the Endocare Cellage® line, of Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria, gives visibly younger and more luminous skin in a short period of time.

For Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria, scientific and clinical endorsements are key to achieving support from professionals. “The study results are important, not only in the advancement of skincare and aging but also in the credibility of cosmeceutical products” commented María Vitale, Medical Director of IFC.

Enterprise, innovation and continued growth are the cornerstones of this Spanish laboratory, present in over 80 countries, so that it may investigate, produce and distribute its technologies and patents in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products.

(1) Draelos Z.D. ”The Role of a Natural Mollusk Egg-Derived Ingredient in Facial Appearance”. Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, July 2017, Volume 16, Issue 7