Corporate Social Responsibility


For Cantabria Labs the word proximity is more than a way of being. It’s the only way to do things with the people around us. But also with those who are far away and need us most. We have a duty, to give back to society some of what science has given us. Therefore, there is an ingredient in the composition of our formulas that has no studies but we clearly know its benefits. The ingredient of action and social responsibility is also innovative and at the same time one of our longest-running “technologies”. An important part of Cantabria Labs’ benefits are directed at innovation projects, which not only help but also promote their sustainability.

Celebrate life

We want to live on a planet where quality of life and health are adequate and for everyone’s enjoyment. That is why we are involved in draft projects and initiatives that help us achieve this from the field of social, scientific and formative innovation.

Colaboración entre la Fundación Arcoiris y Cantabria Labs

Rainbow Foundation and Lorena

The Arco Iris Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to promote the social and labour integration of people with disabilities (both physical, psychic and sensory) through the training and creation of stable employment for all of them. Cantabria Labs has been collaborating with them for years and in this new instalment of “Near to Get Far” we present the story of Lorena, our protagonist.

Aladina Foundation and Yago

This is the story of Yago and Valeria, they met thanks to the psycho-oncology program of the Aladina Foundation, which helps families and children overcome a cancer diagnosis.

Valeria began the sessions with Yago, our ‘Aladino,’ when she lost her sight due to a tumour several years ago and today is part of the family.

Colaboración entre la Fundación Aladina y Cantabria Labs

ASTOR INLADE Association and Beatriz

Astor is an association that works to guarantee the same opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities and to offer support to both them and their families.

Cantabria Labs has been collaborating with them for 15 years in their occupational workshops.

In this new instalment of “Near to Get Far” our protagonist, Beatriz, tells us about her day to day life.

STANPA Foundation and Marta

The ‘Look Good Feel Better’ initiative is the Spanish programme of the project that was launched more than 25 years ago, whose work is dedicated to improving the self-esteem and quality
of life of people in cancer treatment.

Colaboración entre la Fundación Stanpa y Cantabria Labs

Ana Carolina Diez Mahou Foundation and Fátima

The Ana Carolina Díez Mahou Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to improve the quality of life of children with genetic neuromuscular diseases (mainly mitochondrial and dystrophic) and their families.

In this new chapter of “Near to Get Far” we gain access to the Ana Carolina Diez Mahou Foundation through Fatima, who tells us about the work of the non-profit entity with children with neuromuscular and mitochondrial diseases.

AMPROS Association and Jesus

Cantabria Labs has been collaborating with the AMPROS Association since its origins more than 25 years ago with the aim of helping to improve the quality of life of each person with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their family. Through projects with its occupational centre, Cantabria Labs joins its mission to spread, defend, claim and promote rights and support, to create opportunities that allow them to achieve their life goals.

Colaboración entre la Fundación Emalaikat y Cantabria Labs

Emalaikat Foundation and Lenny

Almost since the origins of Cantabria Labs, the company has been on the board of trustees of the Emalaikat Foundation. Today it is the main benefactor of this organisation whose mission is to improve the chances and quality of life of people in the Turkana region (Kenya) on the African continent.

With the purchase of Cantabria Labs products, you contribute directly to help these Foundation programmes. Over the past 20 years, Cantabria Labs has enabled the construction of 188 dams, the drilling of 147 wells, the education and training of over 100 children each year
and healthcare to more than 81 communities.

What Really Matters Foundation and Pedro

Cantabria Labs is especially committed to the What Really Matters Foundation, which aims to promote the development and dissemination of universal human, ethical and moral values to the general public.

As sponsors of the What Really Matters Foundation, the company believes that by being close to people you can go far and that is why it takes part in and sponsors the free and apolitical meetings, open to all beliefs, which are held in the world’s major cities, in order to bring young
universal human values closer together through first-hand accounts.

Colaboración entre la Fundación Lo que de Verdad Importa y Cantabria Labs

Scientific Innovation


We are committed to improving people’s quality of life. That is why, at Cantabria Labs we never stop investing in the research and development of new products that help achieve it. Furthermore, we engage in supportive projects that pursue improvements in people’s health.

Formative Innovation


Corporations have a responsibility for everything around us: environment, people, society… Our vocation of service and improvement of quality of life leads us every year to engage in long-term activities and projects with our professionals and partners and with the healthcare sector.

SOLidarios es el movimiento de voluntariado y acción social de los profesionales de Cantabria Labs

Volunteering platform: #SOLidarios

#SOLidarios is the volunteering and social action movement of Cantabria Labs professionals. The main initiatives are carried out in collaboration with AVANZA ONG, Aladina Foundation, Cooperación Internacional and Emalaikat Foundation.

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