Facial sun protection with a high content of sensations

Very high daily use facial photoprotection to prevent sun damage and associated signs of aging. The formulation combines Heliocare’s advanced sun protection science with a unique sensorial experience during and after application.

Heliocare 360 Sensation will make it easy to add sun protection to your  daily face care routine!

Like the rest of the Heliocare 360 line, its ultra-light oil-free formulation protects against t the four radiations: UVB, UVA, Visible light and Infrared. With Fernblock®, a Polypodium leucotomos fern extract, and ginger extract, for  antioxidant activity to help neutralize and repair sun damage.


Format: 50ml

CN: 214710.2

Very high sun protection against UVB (SPF50+) and UVA (PA++++). Also protects against Visible Light (including blue light) and Infrared radiation.


Water and sweat resistant



Ocular tolerance

Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision

Neutralizes and repairs sun damage with Fernblock®.

Reduces skin shine

Preserves the skin’s hydration and barrier function

Optimal and stable combination of physical and chemical sun filters


Ginger extract

Shake before use. Apply generously and evenly before sun exposure. Reapply frequently.

External use. Avoid direct contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during the hours of highest intensity. Use protective clothing, hat and sunglasses. Do not expose young children to direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose the product to sudden temperature changes. Keep above 10 °C and below 40 °C. Protect the product from direct sunlight.


Oil-free Compact SPF 50+
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Heliocare 360 D Plus Capsulas


D Plus Capsules
Photoprotection capsules with vitamin D to protect from the inside for periods of high sun intensity, and for very light, sensitive, or sun-allergic skins