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SCA ® Biorepair

Cryptomphalus aspersa

Cantabria Labs I+D SCA

SCA® Biorepair is the base active ingredient of our antiaging cosmetic line, Endocare. It boasts unprecedented technology capable of reactivating cell regeneration.

Obtained from purified secretion of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail, it is a powerful natural source of cutaneous regeneration with antioxidant and reparative properties that has the capacity to provide and restore damaged structural elements and biochemical processes, which are altered as a consequence of skin exposure to external aggressions, such as in radiodermititis and skin photoaging due to ultraviolet radiation.

Endocare ®is the only line with SCA® Biorepair Tecnology, designed specifically for the treatment of photoaging and recovery of skin damaged by dermocosmetic techniques.

Origin and development

Cryptomphalus aspersa reacts against external aggressions by producing a complex glycoprotein secretion, called SCA®, which gives it the capacity to regenerate the damaged structures of your skin in less than 48h and protect it from bacterial infections and tumours. It was this extraordinary capacity that was discovered during early research carried out by Dr. Rafael Abad (radiologist) in the treatment of skin lesions of patients undergoing radiotherapy, where it was possible to observe clinically the potent regenerating and antioxidant activity of SCA®.

Subsequently, he extended his study and subsequent clinical findings in the treatment of damaged skin in all situations in which the skin is subject to aggressions that can reduce its natural regeneration capacity:

• Cutaneous photoaging caused by sun exposure, climatic aggressions, pollution, etc.

• Dermocosmetic techniques (laser, peeling, dermoabrasion, infiltrations, etc.)

• Aggressive dermatological treatment such as topical and oral retinoids, photodynamic therapy, cryotherapy and antibiotics.

How does SCA® Biorepair Technology work?

Photoaging and dermocosmetic techniques cause alterations in the structural elements of the skin. SCA® Biorepair technology in various scientific studies has shown to favour cutaneous restoration through various mechanisms:

• It boasts antioxidant activity to trap and inhibit the generation of radicals, thus preventing cutaneous damage.

• It induces fibroblast proliferation and gives a greater capacity to respond and activate the cell metabolism that translates into evident rejuvenation.

• It boasts collagenase activity that allows the exchange of deteriorated collagen, which together with favouring collagen synthesis, enables it to exchange the extracellular matrix.

• It improves skin elasticity and hydration.

The regenerating and antioxidant power of SCA® effectively prevents, protects and repairs skin damage, as well as giving the skin powerful hydrating and firming action. In this way, SCA® significantly improves the signs of photoaging, reducing both the number and depth of wrinkles, giving firm and smooth skin and boosting hydration and flexibility.

Endocare ® is the only line with SCA® Biorepair Technology. It is designed specifically for the treatment of photoaging and recovery of skin damaged by dermocosmetic techniques.

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