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Retinsphere ®

Combination of Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate and Retinol Glycospheres

Cantabria Labs I+D Retinsphere

Retinsphere ® is the base active ingredient of our depigmentation cosmetic line Neoretin ®, also present in our Biretix ® (anti-acne) and Endocare Cellpro ® / Endocare Cellage ® (antiaging) lines.

It is an innovative combination of retinoids that stimulates epidermal renewal and boosts penetration of the active ingredients. Skin is smooth and favours uniform tone.

After testing on Asian and Caucasian subjects, tolerability was extremely good without the typical adverse effects of retinoids, such as irritation and inflammation.


Composition of Retinsphere ®

Retinsphere ® is constituted by an innovative combination of two retinoids at suitable concentrations for cosmetic use.

• Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate: This compound derived from retinoic acid has been modified to reduce its acidity and thus avoid skin irritation.

• Retinol Glycospheres: Retinol or Vitamin A is a more unstable molecule than retinoic acid but with similar results and without side effects.  RetinSphere glycospheres manages to keep the retinol molecule stable for longer, protect it from external agents that can oxidate it and facilitate its penetration to the deepest layers of the epidermis.

How does Retinsphere Technology ® work?

• It favours cell growth and differentiation to combat wrinkles, liver spots and fine lines.

• It acts on Tyrosinase formation, the enzyme responsible for melanin production to reduce the appearance of liver spots.

• It normalises follicular epithelium formation so that it is not obstructed and result in acne.

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