Events 4 Nov 2019

Cantabria Labs among the six Cantabrian companies leading growth in Spain

Cantabria Labs has been selected by CEPYME, the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Businesses, during the presentation of the CEPYME500 Yearbook for being one of the six Cantabrian companies that leads growth in the region due to its exports, business expansion and trajectory and thus joining the ranks of the 500 companies that have experienced the most growth over 2019 in Spain.

Susana Rodríguez, CEO of Cantabria Labs, received the diploma and said: “We are delighted with this recognition. Knowing that we are among the six Cantabrian companies that lead the growth of Spain makes our company proud as well as each and every employee who forms part of the Cantabria Labs family. Also, to receive this recognition when we have just launched the new eco-sustainable production and innovation facilities of La Concha, makes us feel strong and even more convinced in our mission: to improve the health and quality of life of people.”

CEPYME500 is a CEPYME initiative that identifies, selects and promotes the group of 500 Spanish companies that are leaders in business growth, both for their results and their ability to generate added value, employment, innovation and international projection.

The main function of this initiative is to provide national and international recognition and projection to the companies that have been selected helping to boost their growth potential.
Cantabria Labs adds to this recognition other awards of recent relevance such as the “Innovative Company 2018” award presented by the Forum of Innovative Companies (FEI- Foro de Empresas Innovadoras), the “The Award for Innovation” presented at the VI Premios a tu salud (Awards for your Health) of la Razón newspaper and the “Award for Internationalisation” of Actualidad Económica.