Our History

The story of a dream come true

The history of Cantabria Labs is the story of a dream come true thanks to the effort, dedication and entrepreneurship of the people and family that make up this pharmaceutical company with a close spirit but an important international dimension.


  • Difur: first steps in dermatology


  • Acquisition and strategic reorientation of 100% of Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria.
  • Agreement for the distribution of Neostrata in Spain and development of its products adapted to some markets.


  • Discovery and patent of oral photoprotection in collaboration with Havard University.
  • AM3® patented technology



  • Creation of Isolagen Europe, company specialised in high-tech autologous cell cultures.


  • The international division is born.
  • Creation of the export department due to growing demand.


  • Divestment in generic products (UR) and release of resources to centre the activity on dermatology.


  • Incorporation of Difa Cooper, Italian laboratory established in 1959, and expansion of the vademecum with state-of-the-art ingredients, technologies and products.


  • Acquisition of the Brazilian dermatological company Melora do Brasil S.A.
  • Divestment in the general pharmaceutical business and acquisition of new rights and patented technologies in dermatology such as RetinSphere and RTF1.


  • Acquisition of 95% shares of HDP, the Belgian dermal-cosmetic distribution company.
  • Creation of Gourmetceuticals LLC, to enter the American market of ingredients and foodstuffs for human and veterinary consumption.


  • Agreement with Ferndale Labs: increase of activities in North America and consolidation of Heliocare® Oral.
  • Introduction of Fernblock® in the American market.


  • Launch of the patent of a new molecule to contribute to stem cell regeneration.
  • Consolidation in the Iberian peninsula with Cantabria Labs Portugal.
  • Purchase of the dermatology portfolio of Sirton Medicare


  • Purchase of rights of new technology for alopecia, acne, hyperpigmentation and photoaging.


  • Implementation of the RIO product of Operative Excellence, based on the study and improvement of all the operating processes of the company.
  • Purchase of the trichology portfolio from Fitológica.
  • RetinSphere® patented technology.


  • Diversification of the offer of products and solutions with optimisation of the use of its own ingredients in special medical foodstuffs.
  • Specialisation in products for clinical nutrition (oncology, radiotherapy and geriatrics) with Nutrición Médica.


  • Investment of Prokrea BCN, biotech company specialised in pharmaceutical products for fertility treatment.
  • Participation in Cre100do, initiative by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, for growth potential.
  • Reincorporation of Inmunoferon® to the vademecum after eight years of exclusion.


  • Introduction in Spain of ZO Skin Health, medical cosmetics.
  • Creation of Cantabria Labs Morocco and rollout of the development and expansion plan  in the African market.
  • Creation of a specialised sales network for the pharmacy channel.


  • Diversification to reach paediatrics (Inmunoferon) and otolaryngology.
  • 20 year licensing agreement with Krymi Laboratori.
  • Approval for the production of NSF nutraceutical supplements.
  • Entry in Histocell, a specialist company in regenerative medicine and cell therapy.
  • Purchase of 60% of Avance Cosmetics and opening of a new retail channel.


  • Launch of Edafence® patented technology based on the plant Deschampsia antartica.
  • Agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to sponsor and promote bio dermal innovation programmes.
  • Start of works of the new innovation and eco-sustainable production centre in Cantabria.
  • Birth of Cantabria Labs Mexico to increase presence in the American market.
  • Creation of Cantabria Labs China, strategic market for growth in healthcare.


  • Alliance between Capsa Food and Cantabria Labs Nutrición Médica to launch clinical nutrition formulas.
  • Agreement with Stangest to enter the pet care market. >> View more
  • Award to Cantabria Labs for over 25 years working in dermatology presented by the AEDV.
  • Adoption of a new corporate identity: Cantabria Labs. >> View more
  • Appointment of Susana Rodríguez as new CEO of Cantabria Labs and Juan Matji as President of the Board of Directors. >> View more


  • Inauguration of the new innovation and eco sustainable production centre La Concha. >> View more
  • Rafa Nadal and Heliocare, medical science and technology applied to skin protection. >> View more
  • Cantabria Labs acquires ACM and enters the French market. >> View more


  • La Concha: 100 Best Ideas of Actualidad Económica Award.
  • Cantabria Labs acquires the ELANCYL body care brand from Pierre Fabre. >> View more
  • Cantabria Labs Starts Making Hand Sanitiser for Health Personnel >> View more
  • Cantabria Labs collaborates in the Covid-19 research project of Alcalá University >> View more

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