Body photoprotection

We spend many long months without exposing our body to the sun and, when we do, its impact is much greater than on other, more frequently-exposed areas.

Discover HELIOCARE body sunscreens. They provide wide spectrum protection with amazing textures and the same high quality as facial formulations. Enjoy the sun without it harming your skin.

Do you know that your skin has memory?

Five cases of sunburn can double your chances of suffering from skin cancer. HELIOCARE Body adapts to your needs and lifestyle. Complete photoprotection formulations that contain anti-oxidant and repair actives to help prevent and counteract sun damage for healthy living in the sun.

To ensure a high level of photoprotection, sunscreen should be reapplied frequently, generously and uniformly.

Choose your texture


Airgel SPF 50
Advanced photoprotection for face and body in a light foam texture for a fresh skin sensation.


Gel SPF 50
High photoprotection in a rapidly-absorbed, non-oily gel texture for periods of normal sun exposure.


Invisible Spray SPF 50+
Advanced body photoprotection in an easy-to-apply transparent spray. Can be applied even to wet skin.


Spray SPF 50
High photoprotection for the body with a multi-position spray for easy application.




Pediatrics Transparent Spray SPF 50+
Advanced photoprotection in a transparent, easy-to-apply spray format for the sensitive skin of children.


Pediatrics Atopic Lotion Spray SPF 50
Advanced photoprotection tested on atopic skin. Body lotion in a convenient spray format.


Pediatrics Lotion SPF 50
Advanced photoprotection for the sensitive skin of children. Can be used on both body and face thanks to the convenient tube format with dispenser.



Invisible Spray SPF 50+

Advanced body photoprotection in an easy-to-apply transparent spray. Can be applied even to wet skin.

Other Photoprotection Needs

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