We work with passion and enthusiasm to improve people’s health and that would not be possible without caring for the environment. We are committed to good environmental practices and with actions that favour conservation and respect for our planet.

La Concha

Welcome to La Concha, the new eco sustainable facilities of Cantabria Labs. A new dream that is a reality thanks to the work, illusion and dedication of over 850 employees who form the pharmaceutical company. See video.


A new dream come true

The plot, located in Villaescusa (Cantabria), extends over 50,000 m2: 12,000 m2 built with two centres and 38,000 m2 of green zones. Its location, within 5 kilometres of the Cabárceno National Park, has a significant added value: its thermal spring with mineral-medicinal properties.

The main building, dedicated to offices, pharmaceutical and cosmetic production, assurance, quality, warehouse and R&D, also encompasses the innovative water laboratory that allows, among other measures, the eco sustainability of the facilities, by taking advantage of the
geothermal properties of the spring. The second centre, dedicated to active ingredients and starting materials, will be a benchmark in the development and research of natural ingredients.

Our sustainable commitment

Cantabria Labs, whose innovative nature, has been repeatedly reflected in its patented technologies based on natural resources, is again a referent with the optimisation of its new natural resource: the mineral-medicinal thermal spring.

Water flows steadily at 39 degrees Celsius, with a flow rate of 35 litres per second and, thanks to its geothermal properties, renewable and sustainable energy is obtained that helps to heat the production facilities and reactors.

In addition, thanks to the creation of the water laboratory in its main centre, it provides drinking water for consumption, for obtaining purified water, irrigation of the facilities and offers a new field of research as an ingredient due to its mineral medicinal properties for skincare.

manantial La Concha Cantabria Labs
La Concha cuenta con tecnología

Production 4.0

With two differentiated production zones, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, La Concha has state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing and industry 4.0, to achieve the highest production standards with the possibility of producing over 100 million products a year, with GMP

Key equipment includes pressurised reactors, mixers, tube and bottle fillers, ampoules, airless filling systems, cartoning machines, specialised equipment in colour cosmetics and pressurised rooms in all production and packaging facilities.

#Sustainablecommitment in our packaging and in our products

Our goal is to improve people’s health and quality of life, but this would not be possible without a caring and sustainable environment with environmentally friendly activities. From Cantabria Labs we work firmly in different areas to not only improve people’s health, but also that of our environment. We reflect this by committing ourselves to good environmental practices.

Our Water Laboratory at La Concha

oficinas_1 IN OUR OFFICES

  • Energy efficient use with low-consumption LED lights and reduced water consumption.
  • Awareness of the products we consume and their ecological footprint. Removal of waste paper bins and location of recycling points.
  • Replacement of diesel cars from the commercial fleet to lessen the environmental impact.


  • We invest to find innovative solutions to prevent pollution and improve our environment.
  • Improving the qualification of human resources for environmental management.
  • Reporting advances, progress and ongoing initiatives.
  • Looking for new packaging and solutions that promote and facilitate recycling.
  • Informing about the best methods of recycling the products.
  • Analysing and reducing the life cycle of our products.


  • Policy to reduce the plastics of our packs. We have already achieved 40% less in our vials.
  • Use of biodegradable, renewable and reusable materials. We increase the use of environmentally friendly materials and work to use as few plastics and reactors as possible.


  • Creation of the water laboratory for the efficient management of this natural resource.
  • Modernisation of processes and technologies for efficient production with the least environmental impact. Implementation of paperless processes.
  • Use of the heat energy from our spring to heat the manufacturing center, as well as machines and reactors.

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