News 23 May 2023

Cantabria Labs with Rafa Nadal, Sara Andrés and Real Madrid, together against melanoma

Cantabria Labs presents its new awareness campaign “Objective Zero Melanoma 2023”, supported by its ambassadors Rafa Nadal and Sara Andrés, and its sports sponsorship with Real Madrid C.F.

In commemoration of World Day Against Melanoma, the Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory Cantabria Labs presents its new campaign Objective Zero Melanoma 2023.  The goal of the initiative is to raise awareness about the importance of healthy sun exposure habits to together zero out the number of new melanoma cases in Spain.

Cantabria Labs’ latest survey of sunscreen use amongst the general population was conducted with the aim of better understanding sun protection habits in order to create effective, incisive awareness and prevention campaigns. While many of the results were very promising, such as the fact that the population using sunscreen year-round has risen by almost 50% in the past five years and that 30% of these people use SPF50+, there is still a lot of work to be done. 7,474* new cases of melanoma were diagnosed in Spain in 2022 and the American Cancer Society calculates that around 97,610 cases will be diagnosed in the US in 2023.

For this reason, Cantabria Labs, with the help of its ambassadors Rafa Nadal and Sara Andrés, and its sports sponsorship with Real Madrid C.F., is presenting its “Objective Zero Melanoma 2023” campaign to remind people about the importance of the three steps to enjoying healthy sun exposure: protect and repair skin, combine oral sun protection with topically applied sunscreen and visit dermatologists every year to have moles checked.

The campaign, with the slogan “Objective Zero Melanoma”, consists of different video communications that can be seen across all Cantabria Labs digital channels and media as of today.

One of the main campaign ads features dermatologist Rosa Taberner, tennis player Rafa Nadal, Real Madrid players Dani Carvajal, Aurélien Tchouaméni and Thibaut Courtois on behalf of the Real Madrid men’s first team, and Paralympic athlete Sara Andrés. The ad draws parallels between checking moles and successful achievements in the world of sports (a tennis ball falling in or out of the court, scoring a goal in football, and validation of the distance of a  long-jump in track and field), serving as a reminder of the importance of completing the three steps, of ticking them off your list, if you want to stay safe in the sun and zero out melanoma.

In the second campaign ad, which features a highly dynamic and innovative format simulating a tennis rally, the dermatologist Yolanda Gilaberte and Rafa Nadal win the match against melanoma by listing the keys to healthy sun habits and the importance of choosing a good sunscreen. Objective Zero Melanoma, achieved!

Cantabria Labs’ “Objective Zero Melanoma 2023” campaign also launches a social media challenge whereby users leverage Instagram to win the match against melanoma, encouraged by the voice of none other than company ambassador Rafa Nadal. The aim of the Instagram challenge is to continue supporting the various projects we partner to increase visibility and awareness of the importance of skin cancer prevention and research. The goal is for the filter to be used more than 7,500 times, symbolizing the number of new melanoma cases diagnosed in Spain in 2022.

Athletes like Crys Dyaz, and numerous organisations and foundations, sign up each year to the tips and recommendations of Cantabria Labs and its Heliocare sun protection range, always with a focus on #whatmatters: health. The Copa del Rey Mapfre sailing regatta,  Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, Rafa Nadal Tour by Santander, What Really Matters Foundation, Madrid Tennis Federation and Clínica Menorca Foundation are just some of the organisations that have joined the cause to help promote these three steps to zero out   melanoma.

Cantabria Labs works hard every year to expand the reach of its awareness campaigns in order to help better look after people’s health and improve their quality of life. With a constant emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, the company strives to get the messages out into the world and offer society scientifically backed products to meet all needs.

This year Cantabria Labs has also joined the “Todos contra el cáncer” (All Against Cancer) campaign, an Event of Special Public Interest initiated by the Spanish Association Against Cancer to promote research, outreach, prevention and care for cancer patients.

*Report from “Cancer Numbers in Spain 2022” – Spanish Society of Medical Oncology