News 16 Jan 2018

Cantabria Labs, the natural evolution of IFC

As of today, Cantabria Labs is the new corporate brand name which will represent IFC, Industrial Farmaceutica Cantabria. It symbolises the pharmaceutical company’s internationalisation, and evolution and growth, renewing its focus on people, optimism, health and science, values which set it apart and embody its caring, entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

The new brand will unify the names of its subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, China and Morocco, and Medical Nutrition, and incorporate a new brandline “Celebrate life” to represent its youthful, restless and non-conformist nature with the ultimate aim being of course to contribute to the health of individuals.

“Cantabria Labs represents over 700 people who, worldwide, embrace science with a joyful and optimistic attitude, with ideas that help individuals achieve the best version of themselves and with the aim to improve quality of life and celebrate every second of the day”, said the CEO Juan Matji in reference to the new logo and slogan.

Cantabria Labs is the fruit of a project which began over two and a half years ago when the pharmaceutical company was chosen by Cre100do to participate in its initiative to provide companies with turnovers between 50 and 250 million euros with the tools and a road map for their evolution and growth towards globalisation.

Since 1989, the year the foundations of Cantabria Labs were laid, dermatology has been the medical speciality which has set the course for its cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products, as well as its pioneering patented technologies.

“Today, new specialties are transforming the product portfolio of Cantabria Labs, with increasing focus on paediatrics, otolaryngology, traumatology and medical nutrition. This new name helps to accommodate these new specialities, making us a point of reference not only in dermatology, but in Healthcare in the over 80 countries where we are present”.

“Our values remain the same. Entrepreneurship, innovation and caring are fuelled by optimism, people, health and science to best represent who we are. We are certain that the name, which pays tribute to our roots and the sustainable R&D and production centre under construction in Villaescusa, Cantabria, will act as a springboard to continue working together to go far, with the spirit of celebrating life”, Juan Matji concluded.