News 26 Feb 2019

Cantabria Labs acquires ACM and enters the French market

During an information session held in Madrid, new CEO and Managing Director of Cantabria Labs, Susana Rodríguez, announced that the company would be entering the French market following the acquisition of a majority stake in ACM, the pharmaceutical laboratory specialising in dermatology.

The French company, operating in the French market since 2001, is a point of reference for innovation in the development and marketing of products that offer smart and effective solutions for skin care and health. Its international presence, with a strong position in Africa and the Middle East, opens up new possibilities for both companies.

The Cantabria Labs CEO explained that “the acquisition of ACM is an important step in our expansion plan, which in 2018 was dominated by the launch of our subsidiaries in Mexico and China”. “We have found our perfect match in France with ACM as we share its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit”, Susanna Rodríguez continued. According to the company’s most senior executive: “this operation undoubtedly represents an important leap forward in our goal to position ourselves among the top 10 dermatology laboratories in Europe”. Cantabria Labs currently has subsidiaries in Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Morocco and China.

Milestones and goals for 2019

Cantabria Labs closed the 2018 financial year with a turnover of 156 million euros and aims to reach 200 million euros in 2019. The Spanish pharmaceutical company has enjoyed sustained organic growth of 17% over the past three years and currently has a workforce of 840 employees, producing 30 million product units per year. Furthermore, Cantabria Labs, which celebrates 20 years of dermal innovation with its Endocare® brand in 2019, has confirmed its leadership as the most prescribed dermatological laboratory in Spain for the fifth consecutive year , according to Close up data.

One of the company’s strategic focuses is its constant search for new markets and, as a result, “last December we formalised our entry into the pet health market by acquiring Stangest, a company that specialises in manufacturing and marketing products specifically designed for pets”, Susana Rodríguez explained.

As part of its diversification strategy to become a global healthcare laboratory, Cantabria Labs already operates in other fields in addition to dermatology, including oncology, paediatrics, otolaryngology, special medical nutrition (Cantabria Labs Nutrición Médica), veterinary (Cantabria Labs Stangest) and beauty (Avance Cosmetic).

Susana Rodríguez highlights that in 2018, in the research field: “we began a new journey hand in hand with MIT, mentoring its biomedicine project incubator and supporting the training and promotion it develops in this field”.

In addition, one of the R&D milestones of 2018 was the launch of EDAFENCE®, a new patented technology for fighting the damaging effects of pollution on the skin, coming once again from nature: green innovation. “This is an entirely Cantabria Labs project, and it is witnessing significant success in Spain and abroad”, Susana Rodríguez confirmed.

In the area of entrepreneurship and innovation, the last quarter of 2019 will be defined by the start-up of the new sustainable centre in Cantabria. According to Susana Rodríguez, thanks to the spring water, the facilities “will open up a world of possibilities that we’re hoping to explore in our water laboratory”. The 12,000 m2 production centre represents an investment of 20 million euros; it will replace the current industrial facilities located in Santander and allow significant growth in production for the sustainable distribution of Cantabria Labs products in the worldwide market.

Cantabria Labs, Cre100do

Five years ago, the Spanish pharmaceutical company was selected for the Cre100do programme, an institution that aims to boost the business growth of 100 Spanish companies. This ICEX, Círculo de Empresarios and Fundación Bankinter project has undoubtedly been one of the key factors behind the significant growth of Cantabria Labs.

Susana Rodriguez, CEO Cantabria Labs, in Cre100do

During the information session, César Tello, General Director of Fundación Cre100do, explained that the foundation will continue with its goal of boosting growth in Spanish middle market companies which represent a key segment for the economy and employment. According to César Tello: “it is highly gratifying to feel that we are a part of the progress of Cantabria Labs and its unstoppable growth”.