News 20 Jan 2022

Cantabria Labs targets 300 million euro turnover in 2023

  • The Spanish pharmaceutical company closes 2021 with 24% growth. 

Presenting the company’s evolution in 2021 and its plans for 2022, Cantabria Labs CEO Susana Rodríguez reported that the pharmaceutical company grew by 24% over the last 12 months, although final year-end results are not yet available. 2021 also featured  positive net employment, with the company planning to continue expanding its workforce in 2022 to reach a total of 1,000 employees. Cantabria Labs’ target for 2023 is to reach a turnover of 300 million euros.

“In a year of great uncertainty, the focus has been on innovation and entrepreneurship. The Cantabria Labs teams have successfully achieved all their goals by working in a coordinated, aligned and flexible manner,” said the Cantabria Labs CEO and General Director.

The company celebrated a number of milestones in 2021, including the 30th anniversary of Inmunoferon, the signing of a joint venture with businesswoman and actress Sofía Vergara to develop a range of cosmetics in the United States, and the launch of the first edition of the Celebrate Innovation Awards to promote entrepreneurship in science.

The pharmaceutical company’s CEO recalled some of its most significant product launches in 2021 such as Inmunoferon Strath Jarabe Vitality, Endocare Renewal, Heliocare 360º Sport, a new high-protein and high-calorie diet from Cantabria Labs Nutrición Médica and an innovative drug to treat androgenetic alopecia in trichology already available in Portugal and Italy and due to arrive in Spain in 2022. Rodríguez also mentioned Cantabria Labs Stangest, the business unit dedicated to improving pet health, which may be introduced to in pharmacies in the near future.

The company closed 2021 as leader in dermatological recommendation and prescription,  and number one in the Spanish immunostimulants* market. It aims to reach a turnover of 300 million euros by 2023 through growth of its international business and new challenges and dreams that will kick off in 2022.


Challenges for 2022

Although 2022 will see the launch of a number of different projects, Cantabria Labs highlighted the awareness and prevention outreach campaign that will be carried out by the “Defend what’s important” initiative with Rafa Nadal, an initiative to raise awareness about healthy lifestyle and nutritional habits that will begin in January and run throughout the year.

The Celebrate Innovation Awards are of great importance to the company and lie at the core of its business. Referring to the project, Rodríguez commented, “Celebrate Innovation allows us to open the doors to innovation,” as it represents one of the company’s key priorities: working hand in hand with science and research in pursuit of new products in the medical and clinical fields. The first edition of these awards opened for entries in 2021 but winners for each category will not be announced until 2022. The goal is to recognise talent by.

“Rewarding ideas that meet unmet needs in dermatology, acne, trichology, photobiology and immunology, with  special recognition for José Antonio Matji, the company’s founding partner, who passed away two years ago. He was the driving force behind the development of immunology and Inmunoferon at Cantabria Labs, and we created a special award named after him,” added Rodríguez.

Rodríguez concluded by outlining other goals for 2022, including “launching our new cosmetic line with Sofía Vergara in the United States, increasing international sales and maintaining the  positive net employment of the past two years”. The company has a full calendar of exciting projects with the values of Cantabria Labs as a common denominator: innovation, entrepreneurship and caring to improve the health and quality of life of people around the world.

*Iqvia Ventas TAM Dic 2021