News 17 Mar 2021

Cantabria Labs closes 2020 with positive net employment

With the aim of sharing the company’s evolution throughout 2020, as well as its entrepreneurial, innovation and engagement plans for 2021, Susana Rodríguez, managing director and CEO of Cantabria Labs, announced in Madrid that the pharmaceutical firm closed the previous year with a consolidated balance sheet of 220 million euros and positive net employment.

In this atypical and challenging year that has taught us to coexist with sensitive personal situations and constant readjustments to our daily work, Cantabria Labs has achieved significant milestones such as maintaining positive net employment, a result that offers the company stability and reflects its ability to hit the mark by persevering in its commitment to science and research.

In 2021, the pharmaceutical firm will continue to contribute to the fight against the pandemic with new studies revealing the effects of its INMUNOFERON food supplement line in relation to the recovery of Covid-19 patients, and by donating hydro-alcoholic gels to hospitals and health centres, and even by contributing new resources, such as a lotion specifically made for repairing skin damaged by constant hand disinfection and continuous PPE use. This latter is already being made at the La Concha (Cantabria) plant and will be available for healthcare workers at the end of the month.

What’s more, as Susana Rodríguez revealed, the major expansion plan implemented by the company in 2020, which was significantly boosted by the acquisition of Elancyl from the French group Pierre Fabre and the integration of the French subsidiary ACM, is already enabling the company to focus on innovation and development projects across five continents.

Today, Cantabria Labs carries out research in collaboration with leading centres such as the Hospital de la Paz and the Ramón y Cajal Institute in Spain, as well as the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (the Netherlands), Toyama University (Japan), the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (Philippines), the National Skin Centre (Singapore) and the Henry Ford Health Center (USA).

Industrialisation and digitisation of the business and its centres will also be a main focus for the Spanish firm, which has already started to implement technology 4.0 at its new eco-sustainable plant with the aim of optimising production capacity and taking on new distribution challenges, such as that arising from the recent joint venture with actress and business owner Sofia Vergara.

The list of goals is rounded out by an ambitious talent training and advancement project for company employees to enable us to continue solidly building upon the company’s pharmaceutical groundwork, which, in turn, is always based on entrepreneurship and engagement.

In 2021, Cantabria Labs plans to continue growing and to achieve its goals of remaining the leading dermatological prescriber, developing and promoting nutrition for special medical purposes with Cantabria Labs Medical Nutrition, and increasing its medications portfolio.

Cantabria Labs will also remain loyal to its social commitment, manifested through the awareness campaigns the brand runs each year with its ambassador Rafa Nadal, who reminds us to “give your all to what truly matters” by taking care of our health.