News 18 Mar 2020

Cantabria Labs looks to 2020 with enthusiasm and optimism

The pharmaceutical company closes 2019 with 22% growth

  • The Spanish company posted a turnover of 193 million euros last year
  • For the sixth consecutive year Cantabria Labs has successfully defended its title as the most prescribed laboratory in dermatology in Spain with a market share of 10.04%
  • With Rafa Nadal on board, this year Cantabria Labs is committed to promoting good sun habits, with topical and oral photoprotection as its main tools
  • In 2020, Cantabria Labs celebrates the 25th anniversary of the discovery of oral photoprotection together with Harvard Medical School

In order to highlight the company’s growth in 2019 and its enterprising and innovative plans for 2020, Susana Rodríguez, CEO of Cantabria Labs, announced in Madrid that the pharmaceutical company posted a turnover of 193 million euros last year, which reflects a 22% growth on the previous year. With sustained organic growth of 12% in recent years, the company has defended its title as the most prescribed laboratory in dermatology in Spain for the sixth consecutive year according to data from the auditor Close up international. Of the total prescriptions made by dermatologists in all therapeutic areas of the Spanish market, Cantabria Labs is the leading laboratory with a 10.04% market share of all prescriptions made by these specialists throughout 2019.

The year 2019 has proven especially significant for the company with the opening of La Concha centre for innovation and eco-sustainable production (Cantabria), a commitment to innovation and sustainability capable of producing 100 million units of its pharmaceutical and cosmetic products per year. This new plant covering 12,000 m2, which has contributed to local development in the region with the creation of new opportunities and the contracting of local companies and suppliers for both its construction and landscaping, houses 20% of Cantabria Labs employees, with over 850 worldwide. The facilities and reactors are heated by the natural spring located on the site as its water with mineral-medicinal properties flows steadily at 39oC, ensuring its environmentally-friendly credentials.

In addition, the CEO also revealed the significant expansion plan of the company, which in 2018 included the launch of subsidiaries in Mexico and China (adding to those in Italy, Portugal and Morocco) and, in 2019, the acquisition of the French company ACM, resulting in a greater presence of Cantabria Labs in Africa and the Middle East.

Challenges for 2020

2020 is especially exciting for Cantabria Labs, as it will count on tennis player Rafa Nadal to help raise awareness worldwide of the importance of good photoprotection and a healthy life in the sun. With the endorsement of Heliocare, the company’s new ambassador will promote good sun habits outdoors, leading by example, applying the most demanding scientific solutions in pharmaceutical-grade photoprotection and encouraging us all to follow his healthy steps. With his contribution, through various campaigns and actions, Cantabria Labs hopes to achieve a substantial advance in its goal to improve the health and quality of life of people. With the help of Rafa, an expert in achieving dreams through hard work and tenacity, this great challenge should be easier to overcome.

The projects of Cantabria Labs for this year, however, go further still. In the forthcoming months, the company intends to grow its activity in the field of paediatrics, with the expansion of the Inmunoferon and Heliocare lines, among others. In addition, the specialty of medical nutrition will be reinforced this year thanks to the recent acquisition of food companies for special medical purposes in Portugal and Italy.

The consolidation of newly-created subsidiaries and recent acquisitions, as well as synergies between business units and the optimisation of global technological and digital resources and Industry 4.0, will also form part of the 2020 goals.

Cantabria Labs will also be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the discovery of oral photoprotection. Together with Harvard Medical School, the company will take advantage of these quarter century celebrations of the patent of Fernblock® technology to boost popularity of this product, which activates the repair mechanisms in the deepest layers of the skin where sun cream cannot reach and the effectiveness of which has been widely demonstrated in more than 50 studies and scientific journals.

Therefore, Cantabria Labs expects 2020 to be a truly exciting year. The opportunity of having Rafa Nadal on board, the firm commitment to immerse ourselves in the world of paediatrics with the best products from the Inmunoferon and Heliocare lines and the unique celebration of 25 years since the discovery of oral photoprotection with Harvard Medical School are reasons enough to maintain the illusion over the coming months and gain the fortitude necessary to retain the leadership of the company and grow beyond the exceptional 22% achieved in the last financial year.