News 13 Apr 2022

Cantabria Labs receives recognition from MIT for its involvement and support of the MIT Campaign for a Better WorldCampaign for a Better World

  • The Massachussters Institute of Technology (MIT), an internationally renowned higher education institution with great prestige in the R+D field, has acknowledged the significant contribution and support of the Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory Cantabria Labs for its MIT Campaign for a Better World.

Cantabria Labs has received recognition for its  involvement in the global MIT Campaign for a Better World promoted by the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT). The Campaign was created to help raise funds to improve MIT’s infrastructures and resources to ensure its continuing excellence in the fields of education, research and innovation. The recognition acknowledges Cantabria Labs’ contribution to helping  support MIT’s talented students in developing transformative and specific solutions to health-related challenges.

Juan Matji, president of Cantabria Labs, collected the award handed out by Marco Muñoz, Strategic Initiatives Director, and Julie A. Lucas, Vice-President for Resource Development at MIT, at the pharmaceutical laboratory’s offices in Madrid.

“We are very proud to receive this recognition from MIT because, for us, they are a leading  example of how to build successful projects that can change the future and people’s lives”, commented Juan Matji, president of Cantabria Labs.

This recognition has allowed Cantabria Labs to enter the program The MIT 77 Society, a group of special donors dedicated to the campaign, MIT’s goals and with their purpose to serve humanity.

Cantabria Labs, as a supporter and sponsor of open innovation, has embraced and promoted  MIT’s biomedical innovation activities and programs since 2017, believing the biomedical field to be an important part of future research across different medical specialties.

“Doing your own research is just as important as promoting research outside of Cantabria Labs’s walls. It’s a model we firmly believe in, as we we have demonstrated through our support of MIT’s biomedial innovation programs. We want to continue sowing the seeds for projects that will change the future” observed Susana Rodríguez, CEO and Managing Director of Cantabria Labs.