News 2 Mar 2017

IFC achieves a turnover of 126 million euros in 2016

Sales of IFC Group in 2016 topped 126 million euros, with over 20% growth on the previous year, highlighting the excellent financial health and continued progress of the company.

IFC continues to grow, invest and incorporate important projects into its business, giving added value and contributing to the diversification of the business and specialisation in Healthcare. Our growth, diversification and enterprise also extend beyond our borders, with 55% of business turnover obtained to date outside of Spain, a reflection of the international prestige of the company and great reception of its products in other global markets.

The main global brands of IFC are Heliocare ®Endocare ®Neoretin ® and BiRetix ®, leaders in the medical cosmetics market.

IFC champions enterprise, innovation and continued growth as the cornerstones to its future advancement.

Its team of over 400 professionals worldwide are key to the success of IFC Group, which relies on their work, motivation and performance to continue expanding and reaching the heights of success in the Healthcare sector, exporting this Spanish brand.