News 19 Jul 2016

IFC with the “Solidarity Association with Children of the Moon”

The “Association de solidarité avec les enfants de la lune” (Solidarity Association with Children of the Moon) is a charitable organisation born in the city of Casablanca to support children with Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP).

IFC has reached an agreement to collaborate with this association to help sufferers of this rare condition, which is passed down from parent to child, in which the skin and tissue that covers the eye are extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light.

They are known as Children of the Moon as they can only move about freely at night.

In sufferers of xeroderma pigmentosum, the body does not repair the damage caused by ultraviolet light and as a result the skin becomes very thin with the appearance of discoloured patches and blisters and a clear tendency to evolve into skin cancer and blindness.

The only form of treatment, as a cure has not yet been found, involves complete protection from sunlight, even with the need to place UV filters over windows and the need to wear anti-UV clothing.

Miguel Cachadinha, director of IFC Skincare Morocco, comments that “the disease affects about 400 people in Morocco and together with this association the laboratory has found a way of helping at least 200 sufferers of this disease from the second year of their life”.

IFC will guarantee sun photoprotector for the 200 children of this association as well as promoting and helping it achieve its goals: provide a decent life for each of these children, publicize this disease and its effects and make society aware of this serious affliction.