Products/Lines 24 Jul 2018

Neoretin Discrom Control: Depigmenting protocol of proven efficacy for all skin types and ethnicities by Cantabria Labs

The Journal of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology recently published an article which highlights how Neoretin Discrom Control helps to reduce melasma by over 60% , further to analysis of the results of three independent studies on 140 people from three ethnic groups.

140 patients of three ethnicities (Caucasian, Asian and Hispanic) with melasma and age spots used a combination of Neoretin Discrom Control Gelcream SPF50 and Serum daily for 60 days for the study. All the groups displayed excellent results with a visible reduction in the intensity and extension of the hyperpigmented areas by the end of the study period.

In epidermal melasma, which is especially difficult to treat, all skin types showed a reduction of over 60%. This regime of Neoretin, with Retinsphere® Technology and a synergic combination of skin lightening properties (kojic acid, niacinamide, n-acetylglucosamine and peptides), also helped to improve general skin conditions and reduce the visible signs of aging. Subjects saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, they experienced increased firmness and elasticity and noted smoother and softer skin. The study also demonstrated high product tolerability.

The main conclusion of the publication was that Neoretin Discrom Control is effective and safe in reducing melasma, hyperpigmentation and age spots in all ethnicities, including darker skin types from areas and locations with intense sun exposure. Cantabria Labs, whose principal values include innovation with rigorous scientific endorsement in its products and proven efficacy through trials and studies, sets the benchmark standard within the healthcare sector.

The value of innovation at Cantabria Labs is not only reflected in its patented technology but also in the rigorous scientific endorsement of its products, demonstrating the efficacy of its cosmeceuticals. Rigour that has given Cantabria Labs the backing of the scientific and dermatological community for over 25 years.

García-Millán C, Truchuelo MT, Gabriel MT, Nobile V, García K,et al. (2018) A Cosmeceutical Retinoid-Based Depigmentant Formulafor Different Skin Types and Ethnicities. J Clin Cosmet Dermatol 2(2)