News 12 Apr 2022

Professional athletes give their all to #whatsimportant in the International Triathlon of Portocolom

  •  Cantabria Labs, official partner of the international event with HELIOCARE, looked after protecting the 600 participants from the sun.

The International Triathlon of Portocolom 2022 returned to ‘normal’ with the memorable event that took part last sunday april 10 in the Majorcan town of Portocolom, with Cantabria Labs’ advanced photoprotection brand, HELIOCARE, as an official partner.

In this edition of the Portocolom Triathlon, the winner of the 111 distance (1km swimming, 100 km cycling and 10 km running) was Robert Kallin from Sweden and, in the women’s category,  Jenny Schulz from Germany. In the 55.5, Mario Mola from the Baleares, three-time triathlon world champion and ambassador of this year’s edition, was proclaimed winner in a competition he dominated from start to finish. In the women’s category, the winner was the South African Sarah-Jane Walker.

In accordance with COVID regulations, this year’s Portocolom Triathlon, organised by Kumulus and the Club Tritatló Portocolom, hosted 600 triathletes, 40% of whom were foreign.

All participants were given Cantabria Labs’ HELIOCARE 360º Sport photoprotection products so that, as the sun protection awareness campaign says, they could “give their all to #lwhatsimportant, protecting themselves from the sun”. The HELIOCARE 360º Sport line is Cantabria Labs’ advanced sun protection which has been specifically designed to meet the highest standards in skincare for athletes. The line features three products: HELIOCARE 360º Sport Spray SPF 50 for the body, HELIOCARE 360º Transparent Stick SPF 50+ for the face and HELIOCARE 360º Sportsun Capsues for oral photoprotection.





With this collaboration, the Spanish Pharmaceutical laboratory Cantabria Labs continues its prevention and awareness campaign for healthy sun exposure and demonstrates once again its commitment to improving people’s health and quality of life.