News 23 Mar 2021

Rafa Nadal visits Cantabria Labs’ Eco-Sustainable Centre

Sports star Rafa Nadal has enjoyed a change of scenery. He took a break from giving it his all on the tennis court in his home town of Manacor to enjoy the views afforded by the Cantabria Labs facility, 5 km from Cabárceno National Park in Villaescusa.

The tennis player was keen to visit the Cantabria Labs environmentally sustainable innovation and production centre to congratulate the Spanish laboratory staff for the work they put into producing hydroalcoholic gel during COVID-19 and to raise their spirits in this tough 2021.

During the visit, Rafa Nadal was able to learn the research, development and manufacturing process behind cosmetics, medicines and, in particular, his favourite sunscreen, HELIOCARE. He also got firsthand insight into the upcoming releases of the sunscreen products he is an ambassador for.

“It was stunning. We’re talking about a unique site surrounded by nature. Harnessing spring water for energy is not only very important in practical and sustainable terms, but it also has a special romantic meaning. We are thrilled to have visited a facility I think is incredibly special, in a place that is one of a kind,” Rafa said following his visit to the Cantabria Labs eco-sustainable centre.

With regard to the current times, he was keen to convey a message of hope. “Now is the time to support merit-based efforts and good people, people who are keen to work and pioneer. We need to look to the future with a message of enthusiasm and hope.” The tennis champ also appealed to people’s sense of responsibility to keep doing everything they can to care for their health and #flattenthecurve.

Cantabria Labs, the dermatological prescription leader, is pleased to have Rafa Nadal as an ambassador for its health awareness and disease prevention programmes. The aim of the Spanish family firm is to enhance the quality of life of people and the planet.

Cantabria Labs president Juan Matji said about the visit: “Today we planted an almond tree at the La Concha facility because it is typical of Mallorca and Cantabria Labs is a family firm with Mallorcan roots. Rafa Nadal is also from there, so we thought it appropriate to plant the tree here so that over time it can grow and become a fusion of Mallorca and Cantabria Labs.”

This tribute to the sports star is also symbolic of the laboratory’s commitment to sustainability. It has over 500 native tree species planted around the facilities and more than 38,000 square metres of green spaces.

With Rafa Nadal, Cantabria Labs recalls the importance of healthy lifestyle habits, exercise, a good diet and rest because, as the laboratory tries to raise awareness with its ambassador, we need to be healthy to celebrate life. #celebratelife