News 17 Feb 2021

Sofía Vergara is preparing the launch of her own beauty line with Cantabria Labs

Actress, model and businesswoman Sofía Vergara is partnering with Cantabria Labs, the Spanish healthcare company leader in dermatological recommendation in Spain, Italy and Portugal, to develop, produce and market a new range of beauty products. The line will be launched shortly and managed by Chris Salgardo, Chief Executive Officer of the joint venture set up by Cantabria Labs and Sofía Vergara to develop the project.

In addition to her successful career as an actress, Sofía Vergara is known as a global entrepreneur and businesswoman, which is why she was keen to reach out with this project to the Spanish laboratory, of which she was already a fan and loyal customer. Cantabria Labs knew the actress admired its scientifically endorsed cosmetics, so the relationship evolved in an easy, natural way.

In October 2019, Sofia Vergara visited the company’s new research and production facilities in the Spanish region of Cantabria, recently awarded for the eco-sustainability and innovation of the buildings that develop and produce its cosmetic products and medicines. The idea for the soon-to-be-launched project first took hold then!

“The relationship between Cantabria Labs and Sofia Vergara dates back some time and mutual understanding and admiration has always been our common starting point. It was a question of time before this project came about. We are very pleased with the launching of this partnership that merges science, experience and effective products with the knowledge, and expertise of Sofía Vergara,” said company president Juan Matji.

“We have been planning the steps for the launch of this new line that we are very proud of for some time, and are sure it will become a benchmark in cosmetic care. The products are being formulated and designed to pivot to the new health and beauty trends, with science and the endorsement of their ingredients as the core differential values,” said the Colombian actress.

Former L’Oréal executive Chris Salgardo was chosen to spearhead the project due to his 30-plus years’ experience in developing cosmetic brands.

“I’ve been a huge admirer of Sofia’s career and achievements for some time and am honoured to undertake this new endeavour with her. Together with the science from Cantabria Labs, we’ll be bringing a new dimension to the world beauty dynamic”.

Although Cantabria Labs was already successfully operating in the US market with the support and recognition of the American dermatological community for its HELIOCARE ORAL, the launch of this new skincare line, planned for the end of the year, will represent an important quantitative and qualitative leap in the development, production, and export of the Spanish pharma firm’s cosmeceutical products. The company’s mission is to help improve people’s health and quality of life in order to enable them to enjoy and “#celebratelife”.