News 14 Oct 2017

The planting of two trees marks the start of construction of the new Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria centre

Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria (IFC) starts construction in La Concha, in the municipal area of Villaescusa (Cantabria), of its new centre for sustainable production, investigation and innovation with a symbolic act of eco-sustainability that involved planting a yew tree and a strawberry tree.

The facilities shall occupy a total surface area of around 9,000 square meters, which apart from the production plant shall house an experimental centre for specialised medicinal plant extraction. The thermal spring on the property will allow the centre to boast the highest efficiency levels. Its thermal properties will help to heat the boilers and the centre itself, making it environmentally-friendly.

As a symbol of this sustainability of the future Centro de La Concha, Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria wished to celebrate the start of building works by planting two trees: a yew tree and a strawberry tree, two varieties of special significance for the Matji family, owner of Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria. “The yew tree symbolises our roots and signs of Cantabrian identity – explained Juan Matji, CEO of the company-; whilst the madroño or strawberry tree represents the entrepreneurship of our Madrid family.

It is anticipated that the Centro de La Concha – which will replace the current Santander plant – will be operational within 24 months. Its start up will allow IFC to increase ten-fold its current production of products that today are distributed to over 80 countries.