Sponsorships 28 Aug 2017

IFC to promote and sponsor MIT programmes in biomedical innovation

Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have signed an agreement through which the laboratory will promote and sponsor programmes and activities of biomedical innovation of MIT through financial support over the next three years.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is private university located in Cambridge (United States) established in 1861 and a referent in global innovation. The income of companies founded by ex alumni of MIT would rank it as the eleventh largest worldwide economy and of its almost 1,000 members of teaching staff, there are or have been 87 Nobel Prize and 5 Pulitzer Prize winners.

IFC has a strong, youthful and enterprising spirit that has led it to trust in the trajectory and eminence of MIT and invest in biomedicine as a route of future investigation for different medical specialities.

“With this agreement, we endeavour to make even greater strides in the future of medicine, in this case through investigation in biomedicine. For us, MIT is a seedbed for projects that we believe can change the future and improve the quality of life of individuals”, commented Susana Rodriguez, Business Innovation and Development Manager of IFC.

The agreement was signed in July and shall last for three years with financial contributions from Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria to Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Innovation and investigation are key words in the vocabulary of IFC, which today has over 44 registered trademarks in its drug, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products present in over 80 countries.