News 10 Nov 2021

We’re transforming and redesigning our social media profiles

Cantabria Labs carries within its DNA non-conformist and restless genes that are present in everything we do: product launches, innovative projects, opening of a new innovation and production center … Today, November 10th, Cantabria Labs takes an important step forward in our digital transformation to better meet evolving market needs and those of our followers. ​

As of today, @Cantabrialabs_Es accounts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will become @CantabriaLabs_com or @CantabriaLabs which will serve as a single platform for all our corporate and company information for Spain and the world in two languages. ​In Spain, Cantabria Labs Spain’s product information will also be also unified under a single profile. Thus, at @Cantabrialabs_Es (formerly @heliocare) you will be able to access all local information on Heliocare, Endocare, Inmunoferon, Iraltone, Biretix, Neoretin and Elancyl. ​

To continue receiving news and following us, it won’t be necessary to connect with the new profiles as each channel is designed and built over top of the already existing ones. Having said that, the @Endocare_es channel will remain active until January 2022 as a transition period. ​

In the case of Linkedin, Cantabria Labs will associate the profiles of both its business units and subsidiaries, which will allow access to the company’s global information and its vacancies available worldwide. 

“This leap forward responds to the transformation of our markets, our growth and listening to our fans on social media. We are sure that these changes will help us provide better service to our customers and better meet their needs” said Antonio de San Gregorio, Digital Manager of Cantabria Labs.​