Products/Lines 24 Jan 2019

Endocare: 20 years of dermal innovation

A day like today, 20 years ago, saw the founding of a product range destined to become a breakthrough in dermal and cosmeceutical regeneration in the fight against aging. Its launch was a watershed in helping people look younger and healthier. It was designed to cure a greater evil, radiation dermatitis, but has been adopted by thousands of people as part of their daily skincare routine. Now, 20 years later, we are celebrating the anniversary of this discovery in the service of people’s health as a solution for anti-aging professionals and people in over 80 countries.

Cantabria Labs, with the help of a team of radiotherapists from the Ramón y Cajal Hospital, turned to nature for a solution to cure radiation therapy burns (radiodermatitis), a condition so damaging to the skin that it often made it necessary to stop treatment, with all the consequences that interrupting cancer treatment can entail.
The company investigated various substances for use following radiotherapy until it came across SCA® growth factors, secretion of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail, which promoted rapid regeneration of these patients’ skin.

New studies led to a better understanding of the potential of SCA growth factors and, after obtaining an international patent, its efficacy in treating severe radiodermatitis was confirmed when used to heal skin of victims of the Chernobyl (Ukraine) nuclear disaster in 1986. The results obtained from using SCA® to treat extremely burned skin were excellent – skin was quick to recover and discomfort rapidly disappeared.

Radiocare® was the first product to leverage this scientific revolution, and Endocare® the line that evolved to become a benchmark in the field of anti-aging dermal regeneration. New, equally groundbreaking technologies were added to SCA® growth factors, including IFC® CAF and EDAFENCE®. These technologies are supported by numerous medical and dermatological publications in leading international scientific journals, and by skin care professionals around the world. Endocare® is today a success in the over 80 markets where it is sold and a reference for professional recommendation in skin aging.

Today we celebrate 20 years of dermal innovation, 20 years of anti-aging endeavor, and 20 years at the service of professionals seeking solutions both for skin regeneration following dermocosmetic procedures and the prevention and treatment of visible signs of skin aging.
Over the course of the year, Cantabria Labs will celebrate this 20-year journey full of challenges, endorsements and results with the support of audiovisual material to showcase this success and revolution in contemporary cosmeceuticals, bound to play a leading role in the years ahead.