News 12 May 2020

Rafa Nadal with HELIOCARE: “Give your all for what matters never to the sun”

• The Spanish tennis ace is the face of the “Give Your All for What Matters never to the Sun” campaign together with Cantabria Labs and HELIOCARE, aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle in the sun
• The 12-times French Open champion says he didn’t always set the best example when it comes to sun care habits, but “it’s never too late to change” with the aid of HELIOCARE

Cantabria Labs and HELIOCARE present their awareness campaign featuring Rafa Nadal, “Give Your All for What Matters never to the Sun” , with the aim of sensitising people to the need to look after their skin to prevent damage from sun exposure and bigger problems further down the line. The campaign comes at a crucial moment. Now more than ever we need to be aware of the importance of staying protected. Health professionals say that being sheltered indoors for some time means our skin isn’t ready for the intensity of sunshine it is about to get.

Rafa Nadal with Heliocare


HELIOCARE, the advanced medical sunscreen brand, stresses the importance of good sun protection not just through topical products that provide broad-spectrum protection and repair sun damage but also capsules to boost resistance to the sun and protect you from the inside.

FERNBLOCK®, the patented active ingredient exclusive to HELIOCARE, has 25 years of proven experience and over 60 studies of scientific evidence endorsing the way it acts on and repairs sun damage at cell level. “I’m going to keep on giving it my all on court, but not to the sun,” Rafa Nadal said. “I’ve spent my fair share of time outdoors and hope to keep doing so. But my dermatologist made me take a good, hard look at my lifestyle and now I want to do better and include some healthy habits into my daily routines.”

“I can’t keep on neglecting my skin. I trust HELIOCARE because it’s the most advanced medical sunscreen both for creams and its HELIOCARE ORAL capsules. I think they’re a huge step forward for a person like me who sweats so much and spends so much time out in the sun,” said the 19-times Grand Slam title winner.

Different types of audiovisual content will be published over the next few months in which Rafa Nadal will send messages related to the importance of good sun protection. He will also emphasise the need to visit your dermatologist and consult your pharmacist, since they are crucial to effective skin-cancer prevention.
The end goal is to promote sun routines and habits that help fight the 78,000-plus cases of skin cancer every year, especially since the intensity of the sun is climbing all the time (up 2.3% in the past decade).

With this campaign HELIOCARE and Rafa Nadal demonstrate a shared take on life. Rafa acknowledges he throws himself fully into everything he does:

“I try to give it my all no matter what I do. Throwing everything at it goes to the heart of who I am. For me it’s what makes sense of things.”

This is a philosophy very much in keeping with Cantabria Labs’, which operates in over 80 countries around the world and has become the dermatological prescription benchmark in Europe (leader in Spain, Italy and Portugal).