EDAFENCE® Technology

Edafence technology from Cantabria Labs to combat skin oxidation. Patented antipollution technology that prevents and repairs damage caused by external environmental stressors (oxidising agents, tobacco smoke, heavy metals, urban pollutants, etc.).

Tecnología Edafence de Cantabria Labs para combatir la oxidación de la piel

It breaks the boundaries of anti-oxidation, combatting pollution

It breaks the boundaries of anti-oxidation, combatting pollution
92% of the population is subject to the impact of environmental pollution. The skin, being our first line of defence, is constantly under attack from these environmental pollutants that cause skin aging, hyperpigmentation, etc.

After years of research with the aim of combatting these effects on the skin, Cantabria Labs has developed an extraction procedure of the active ingredients contained in the leaves of Deschampsia antarctica, which allows the preservation of its biological activity.

Deschampsia antarctica

Deschampsia antarctica is a grass native to Antarctica subjected to extreme environmental conditions. The vital need of this grass to combat these environmental stressors has forced it to develop defence mechanisms that act molecularly in the skin against the effects of pollution and have been demonstrated by different clinical trials.

Cantabria Labs has launched a plantation in Uruguay optimised by hydroponics and has developed a process of extraction of the active ingredients, which allows the preservation of its biological activity.

Proven efficacy

In the chemical composition of EDAFENCE®, it is important to highlight the presence of luteolin and apigenin derivatives, two flavonoids well known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Thanks to these components, EDAFENCE® helps protect the skin against pollution by achieving the following benefits:

It protects against tobacco smoke and urban pollutants (1)

EDAFENCE® has been shown to reduce the damage that these agents cause to the fibroblast.

It prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentations and dark spots on the skin (1)

Activation of the AhR receptor (Aryl-hydrocarbon) is closely related to the appearance of hyperpigmentations and dark spots on the skin. EDAFENCE® has demonstrated blocking of this receptor.

It improves skin barrier function (2)

EDAFENCE® combats the damage caused by contaminants in the skin barrier while maintaining levels of loricrin, a protein related to the proper functioning of the skin barrier

Antioxidant activity (1)

Our technology protects against free radical aggression and maintains fibroblast survival and even improvement.

(1) Delgado A, Ortiz-Espin AM, Breiva A. Guerrero A. González A, Sevilla F. El extracto de Deschampsia antarctica (EDAfence®)protege la viabilidad de los fibroblastos frente a los efectos de oxidantes y contaminantes ambientales. En: 45 Congreso Nacional de Dermatología y Venerología (AEDV) 2017 Mayo 10-13; Madrid. Spain.
(2)Zamarron A, Morel E, Lucena S, Mataix M, Perez-Davo A, Parrado C, Gonzalez S. Extract of Deschampsia antarctica (EDA) Prevents Dermal Cell Damage Induced by UV Radiation and 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2019, 20, 1356

Products with Edafence®

NEORETIN Discrom Control

Ultra Emulsion
Intensive pigment lightening with a high concentration of lightening and anti-pollution


C Ferulic EDAFENCE® Serum
Rapidly absorbed anti-pollution and anti-oxidant serum that provides powerful protection against damage from pollution and environmental stress factors.

NEORETIN Discrom Control

Transition Cream
Soothing, moisturising skin lightening cream to renew skin barrier and assist in retinoid acclimation. All skin types, including sensitive.

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